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            Thank you for visiting our Australian Shepherd  page!  
Our Aussie's have been carefully chosen through lots of research. 
We have tried to stay true to the characteristics of the original standard Australian Shepherd,  which includes: Great dispositions, easy trainability, strong bone and aussie type heads with good 
ear sets. -- In our breeding program ,we do strive for less herd drive and a lower energy aussie. 

      **  We are TRUE AUSSIE LOVERS !  We did not just jump into raising Aussie's.  Whether a standard, mini or toy, Australian Shepherds have been part of our life for over 25yrs.  
This is the ONLY breed of dog we have raised or will ever raise. 

      We breed to improve and we are not a kennel. Our dogs are HAPPY dogs and are part of the family, they stay with us through the day. Working from home allows us to spend lots of time with our dogs and their puppies.  
     No matter what size - Aussie's are excellent family pets, loyal and loving.  They make super inside or outside dogs, as long as they receive an ample amount of exercise.
Parsons Place Stable

             Our Aussie's 
                               - Big & Small

Now located in Central Oklahoma !!...
  but we do deliver back to TN and anywhere in between !
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