Here at Parsons Place Stable, all our puppies are litter box trained. We start the puppies on newspaper around 3wks old, then by 4wks we offer a litter box or area with shavings or pellets, the puppies naturally figure out how to use it.  In our whelping rooms the puppies have access to a doggy door, which goes out directly into a litter box.  Dogs by natural instinct typically do not wish to eliminate themselves where they sleep, so the puppies go out the door and use the box.  In the beginning they are not very good, they may only get it right 50% of the time.  But, by the time the puppies are 8wks old, they have got it down almost perfectly!

The main key to litter box training for puppies, is to keep their space very small. There should only be room for thier bed, food dishes and 1 or 2 litter boxes.  As they get better their space is allowed to get larger. 

We recommend the puppies using a litter box after they go to their new homes.  Puppies have no bladder control until after they are 16wks old. They typically need to go out to relieve themselves every hour. (although they may sleep thru the night). 
If you are like may not have time to take your new puppy out as often as they need, or you may have to leave home for a longer period of time. This is where the litter box training comes in really handy!   If you can set up your puppies home space with a litter box, you will not have to worry as much about if they need to go potty. 

I have found no issues with housebreaking after using the litter boxes. We still take our puppies outside to potty as often as we can, this way they still get rewarded for using the bathroom outside.  
This is our whelping room. It is heated and cooled as needed. Each room has a doggy door that opens to the outside, for the mother to get a break from the puppies or as the puppies get older, a place for them to go potty.
This is a view from the outside of the whelping room. These puppies are now old enough to go in and out and use the potty in their shavings. 
   On many occasions, (once the puppies are weaned) we will move the puppies  - to our new kennel. Here if the weather is bad outside, the puppies will learn to go only in thier litter box. This room is plenty large enough for the puppies to get lots of playtime outside of their kennel but not have to go outside in the cold.  They also get TONS of visitors and attention from all our riding lesson families!
  Once you take your new puppy home, we recommend you set up something like this. In our home we use a 48" crate with a litter box and a dog bed. This way the puppy can still use the potty even if I can not get him outside.  (in the picture above - I have a xxs crate in the larger crate. This not only keeps the bed clean, but gives your puppy something to lay on.) As you see Pazley loves it up there!
Things you may need :

**  Litter box Pellets, bought from Tractor Supply Co. $6 for 40lbs
             ( don't forget the kitty scoop to clean out the box)

** Under the bed storage containers. They come in small, med and large
most can be found at Walmart, Lowes, or Bed Bath & Beyond. They start at about $5 for the small, and $15 for the larger ones. Keep the side height around or under 6 inches. If you have a very small puppy you may wish to cut a doorway into the box, as shown above in our crate.

** A puppy play pen, or a crate. Best prices are found used on Craigslist or Ebay

   REMEMBER !!! the larger the area the more likely your puppy will                                 have accidents. Having a litter box DOES NOT mean you never                             have to take your puppy outside.  Please take your new puppy                               outside to potty as much as possible and reward them Greatly                               when they go!!

          Please feel free to call me with any questions !!  615-512-5600
Litter Box - Training