Frequently Asked Questions 

Other Important Information

Are your dogs and puppies Registered?   

         YES.  All our Australian Shepherds - regardless of size are Registered.
       All our Aussie's are registered with ASDR, some are registered with MASCA, NSDR, AKC and ASCA.

Does AKC recognize the Miniature Australian Shepherd?

       No. AKC does not recognize the Mini Aussie. In May 2011 AKC began to accept Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds under their NEW GIVEN name of the North American Shepherds.  This has caused a great division among Mini Aussie breeders. Many (us) included refuse to rename our Miniature Australian Shepherds under this new name given by AKC. 

Will my new Puppy Come with Registration Papers?

​         Not immediately - if sold as a pet  -  once your puppy has been spayed/neutered you may contact me, and at that time I will send you the puppies registration application.  Then you may register your puppy with ASDR.  Our puppies are sold as Pets/Companions, NOT as breeding dogs.  This is our personal practice to help insure each puppy gets a wonderful loving and caring family first and foremost.  We also believe there is an overpopulation of pets in the world and a large number of people breeding just for monetary reasons. 
       -----  Please inquire about breeding rights, we may let a Show/Breeding quality puppy go to a responsible breeding home.
I am interested in bringing an Australian Shepherd into our family - what next?

      Come VISIT!  We really want to encourage you to come see the dogs and decide if they will be a good fit for your lifestyle and family.  Aussie's are incredible companions but they are not for everyone.  Please read  all the information you can about the breed.  Then come visit and ask as many questions as you can. 
  *** DO NOT make an impulse purchase, be informed - honest and responsible before adding one of these great dogs to your family! 

I have decided I want one of your puppies!

     Great! You have made a good decision. You may put down a deposit on a puppy we already have available or you may put down a deposit for a future puppy.  Deposits are $400 to hold a puppy until you are ready to pick it up.  Once a puppy is chosen the deposit is  NON REFUNDABLE, it may however be transferred to another puppy if for some reason you change your mind on the original puppy picked.  
We by all means want you to be happy with your new family addition!  
     If you have made a deposit on a future puppy, not yet born, and for what ever reason - we do not have a puppy of your liking, you may be refunded the deposit or transfer it to the next available litter. 

Do you have a Health Contract? 

     YES, we give a full health contract on every puppy sold.  Our puppies will be guaranteed against any genetic health disorders for 1 year.  Please contact me if you wish to see a copy of our contract.

What if I have problems or questions after my puppy comes home?

     We encourage you to keep in contact with us.  I am always available by email, text, Facebook or phone to answer any questions.  There are NO dumb questions, Please call if you need anything.  It is easy to forget all the advice we may go over during the time you pick up your puppy, so never hesitate to ask for a reminder. 
We have had Aussie's for over 25 yrs, so most likely we can help you!

What does my puppy eat? 

    We feed FROMM / VICTOR  dog food.  We highly recommend you feeding a high quality food. 
There are many great dog foods on the market - Please do your research or ask us for advice on what you should feed after you take the puppy home.  

Go to  ---  
                   type in the food you wish to feed, if it has a 4 or higher rating, then use it!!

PLEASE DO NOT FEED dog foods such as : Beneful, Pedigree, Old Roy, Dog Chow....
These foods contain corn and slaughter house waste as their main ingredient and are not good for your dog.