Paisley & Putt Putt Puppies

                             Born   December 18th, 2013 

                  Ready to go home  February  13th, 2013

FEMALE :  Blue Merle, 1 blue eye, full white collar, nice amount of black spots thru her coat. TONS of Personality !!
                       Will look alot like her mother. Should be small toy size   $1500  HAS A DEPOSIT Thanks Niki!!
                                                  Click the above pics to go to their page.
                                     This should be a tiny toy size litter.  Mom  and Dad are 5 lbs.

                                            Puppies should be between 5 and 10 lbs.  UPDATE - 
These puppies are TINY..the smallest weighs only 15 oz at 9wks!!  The largest only weighs 1.6 lbs @ 9wks !! 
MALE :  Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes.  Huge full white collar.  Nice steel grey merling color.  
         Copper should come in much darker as he grows.  Small toy size.  HAS A DEPOSIT  Thanks Dianne!
MALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes. Huge white collar and perfect stripe down his face. Looks so much like his father!
        This is the most outgoing pup in the litter, has no idea how small he is!!  Small toy size.   $1400     HAS A DEPSOIT
MALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes.  Very stunning little guy.  Dark copper trim starting to show. 
          Going to be a gorgeous little guy!!  TINY toy size.     $1400  ON HOLD Thanks Cindy!!
              If you are still looking for a puppy We have ALOT, Cupcake, Holly, Keeper, Popo, 
                                           Lilly, Rosie, and Nacho all have puppies!!  
                                                          Feel free to call for info  615-512-5600