Keeper and Oakey Puppies

                   Born   February 4th, 2014 

            Ready to go home  April 1st, 2014

MALE :   Red Merle,  full white collar. 1 Blue eye, Tons of copper with lots of white trim. Very Flashy boy!  
                            He is going to be a looker!   largest in the litter. - Approx. 10 -15 lbs.     $1200    HAS A DEPOSIT !

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                         This is a toy size litter.  
                 Current pics taken @  5 weeks

                        All Sold,  they went fast!
FEMALE :   Red Merle,  full white collar. 1 blue eye, 1 green eye. Super well marked up girl. Lots of dark red                                                                 merling in her coat. I have been tempted to keep her or her sister!  10 -12 lbs    $1200                                                                                                                                                                        HAS A DEPOSIT  Thanks Kristine!

FEMALE :   Red Merle,  full white collar. 1 blue / 1 green eye.  Very very cute girl!!  She is also extremely marked well. 
                         One of the smallest in the litter. Should be 10 lbs or so.    $1200   HAS A DEPOSIT Thanks Cathy!
FEMALE :   VERY RICH Dark Red Tri with TONS of Copper trim.  This is one of the prettiest dark red tri's I have had. 
   If I didn't have all merle girls she would be staying here!  Smallest puppy in the litter.   Should be around 10 lbs . 
                                                                                                           $900  SOLD Thanks to the Lucas family!
FEMALE :  Red Tri, Lots of white and copper trim. An adorable little girl with alot of personality!  She is going to be a doll!
                             I would expect her to be 10 - 12 lbs grown.     $850  HAS A DEPOSIT Thanks Hailee!
           Didn't see what you are looking for?  Don't worry we have LOTS of puppies right now!  Several litters have not been added to the website, PLEASE call for more info on what we have available, many puppies sell or get deposits before I even get them posted on the site!