Dolly and Poppy Puppies !

          Born May 11th, 2010
Ready to go home July 6th, 2010
                        Dolly and Poppy had 10 beautiful puppies !!
      These puppies have been to the vet, had thier first shots and are ready to go to thier new homes
    All these puppies are Sold
FEMALE : Blue merle, 3/4 white collar, 1 blue, 1 brown eye.  Should be a toy.
                               $900    SOLD,  Happy Birthday Lucia !!                                           
Female : Blue Merle, 1 blue, 1 brown eye, thin collar, super rich copper trim.  $900   
                   POLLY IS STAYING HERE WITH US, to be a future mommy !!
Female : Red Merle, Blue or blue/green eyes. Will have alot of dark copper trim.  
              She is the smallest of the litter. Will be a toy.   $900   
                           SOLD , going to VA with her brother,  Thanks to Kellye Daigle !
Female : Red Merle, 1 full blue eye, 1 blue/green eye, 3/4 white collar,                          
          beautiful copper trim !  She loves to kiss and lick !!
          Wil be a small mini.     $900        SOLD THANKS, KATIE !!
Female : Black Tri, Full white collar, white legs, Perfectly marked up !!!  Should be a toy,  $750  "Dixie"    SOLD    And is going home with her brother -  Thanks to Joe & Becky McClain ! 
Female : Black tri, cute white star on her forehead, full white chest and paws. 
                This little girl loves everyone and has Tons of personality!!  
                 Will be a mini.     $600    SOLD   
Male : Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes,  Dark copper trim.
            Will be a toy.    SOLD,  Going to VA with is sister !
Male : Red Merle, brown/green eyes, very dark copper trim.  Will be a small mini.  
                                  $900    SOLD, Thanks to the Timble family !
      Male : Red Merle, Looks like 2 blue eyes.  Should be small mini.     $900  
           "Harley"     SOLD   THANKS AGAIN !!  To Joe and Becky McClain,  for getting 2 puppies !!
Male : Black tri, small white star on head, small white spot on back of the neck.
            Full white chest and super dark beautiful copper trim.  THIS PUPPY - loves toys                           &  everyone he meets!!!   Will be a mini.   $600     SOLD  Thanks to Bonnie Johnson, Ga
We raise Happy and Healthy Puppies !!
       This is our whelping room, where all the puppies are born.  The puppies live here till they are weaned and then they move into a much bigger play area. 
    This room is wonderful for our mother dogs, it has heat in the winter, and is very cool in the summer. It also has lots of light and ventilation.  Each room has its own doggy door so the mamas can go in and out as they please.  
Note : The puppies expected adult size is calculated by weight and size throughout his/her first 8wks.  As they continue to grow we will be better able to determine the future size of each puppy.  This is only an educated guess, we can not guarantee the size of any puppy.

   All of our puppies are very socialized and raised with tons of love and attention. You are welcome to come out and see our puppies at any age (with an appointment).  We recommend if you are interested in bringing a mini or toy aussie into your family  please come out and visit our dogs to see their size and discuss if they are the right breed for you and your lifestyle.
          All puppies come with a full health guarantee, first set of shots, vet record, information package, food, treats, toys, collar& leash and pics from birth to 8wks.

  We will gladly email more pics or answer any questions you might have. Our puppies typically go fast so Deposits of $200 are now being accepted to hold the puppy of your choice.

              For more information please contact Kathy Parsons @ 615-512-5600

            We also offer experienced shipping for the puppies  -   Approx. $275

                          ( remember 2 puppies ship for the price of one )