Sugar & Poppy Puppies!!
                           Born Feb. 21, 2009
        Will be ready for their new homes on April 18th
                                                       VIDEO'S @ bottom of Page !
   Sugar & Poppy are both Toys, We expect these puppies to be toys or very small mini's.   
Blue Merle Female  SOLD
1 full blue eye, 1 half blue
smallest of the litter
Will be a Toy
Almost Full white collar
Excellent merling Pattern

$1000 - pet price 
Thanks to a secret 
  admirer from KNOXVILLE,TN
      She is a surprise!
Red Tri Female SOLD

Super rich dark red
White chest, nape of neck, and legs
Very Beautifull !!
Will be a toy

$750 pet price
     Thanks to Kim McNabb & sons -
                              Maynardville, TN
Blue Merle Male  SOLD

Huge full white collar
White spotting Pattern thru the merling
Excellent copper 
Very distinct markings

$800 - Pet price
Thank you - the McElwee Family of
    Cincinnati, Ohio for giving "Zilla" 
               such a great home !

Partee white Red Merle Male
This male was a complete surprise as we have never had a "White Spotting" gene show up in our breeding.   He has red merle markings on his head and alittle on his back, he is otherwise white.  
   He is not breed standard for color, and can not be shown in breed classes, but will make an excellent pet being able to show in agility, herding, obedience or flyball.   This puppy has complete color across his head and ears and is guaranteed perfectly healthy  
in every way. 

$700 - Pet price 
Thank you Ron Harden,  Dallas TX

      All of our puppies are very socialized, and raised with Tons of love and attention.      You are welcome to come out and see our puppies at any age ( with an appointment ).   
We recommend if you are interested in bringing a mini or toy aussie into your family please come out and visit our dogs to see their size and discuss if they are the right breed for you and your lifestyle.
        All puppies come with a FULL health guarantee, registration Papers, food, treats, toys, collar & leash, pics from birth to current age, and info on your new aussie.

                         For more info please contact me at 615-512-5600

             Experienced shipping available - Usually between $250 to $300

Video's were shot in the sun so color quality is not very good. Also youtube has made the picture much more blury than the original so I apologize.  You may see all our dogs on YouTube - search "PPstable"
        Please understand puppy videos are very difficult to take, the puppies always trying to                                    get in my lap, or play with me.  They are VERY social !
Hi Kathy..Just wanted to let you know that our little girl had a great ride home.  She slept in everyones lap and had several treats from her treat bag.  She seems to love her kennel.  I put her in three times last night for about 15-20 mins and she fell asleep every time.  I let her sleep with me last night and she curled up right under my chin with her head on my pillow!
I have her at work with me today...she is sleeping in her kennel right now.  She has already explored my entire office and the stock room...I guess that was exhausting!

Good Morning Kathy!!  Cloee did fine on the ride home, she cried a bit but never got sick.  Doing great with the potty outside.. She has not messed in the house once yet...  We figured out her gotta go now cry!!!  And each time that she made that cry when she was in her crate she immediatly pooped when we took her out....  She has not even had an accident in her crate either..  She has held it both nights and woke me about 5 each morning with her "I gotta go now" cry.  It broke my heart to leave her this morning, but my son Zach didn't go to school today so she won't be alone all day...LOL