Rosie & Tag puppies !!
Born May 21th, 2012

Lexi & Ammo puppies 

                          THESE PUPPIES ARE ALL SOLD  
                                          PRICES REDUCED !!!!
                        Don't see what your looking for, Polly has 4 new puppies, call for info!

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MALE : Blue Merle, looks like 2 blue eyes. Very pretty silver blue               merle with dark copper trim.  He should be 25lbs or so. 
             $800     SOLD 
MALE : Blue Merle, possible marbled blue eyes. This guy has an                   excellent merling pattern.  Should be around 25lbs.
                                  $800  SOLD Thanks Laura !!
MALE : Red Merle, looks like blue eyes. This boys color looks alot                like his mother.  He should be around 25lbs.
                                $800  SOLD Thanks to the Gentry family!
MALE: Red Merle, 2 blue  eyes.
Super small little boy.One of the smallest in the litter. 
Should stay under 20lbs.
     $800  SOLD Thanks Jessica !
MALE: Red Tri, amber/green eyes.  Beautiful dark red with dark                 copper trim. Guessing to be 25lbs grown.  $500
                                            SOLD Thanks Gina ! 
MALE : Red Tri, amber/green eyes. Dark red with copper trim. 
            A little smaller male than the puppy above.  $500
                          SOLD Thanks to Julie Bryant !
MALE : Black Tri, dark eyes. This guy is super outgoing and alot of fun!! he loves everyone.Guessing to be around 25lbs grown. 
  $500    REDUCED TO $350   SOLD Thanks to the Casten's  in AL
MALE : Black Tri, He is one big Teddy Bear.  If you like them stocky, lovable and with a great personality, this is your guy!! He is a chunker!  Could be 30+ lbs.
    $500  PRICE REDUCED $350 SOLD Thanks to Marlene Brunsman !
FEMALE : Black Tri, dark eyes. Nice copper trim. This little girl is                       super small, one of 2 smallest in the litter. Should stay                       under 20lbs.      $500   SOLD Thanks to Nic Dugger!
FEMALE : Black Tri, dark eyes.  Dark copper trim.  Not a large puppy,                  but not the smallest.  Guessing her to be 20 to 25lbs grown.
                           $500 SOLD  Thanks to Beth Dunn !
FEMALE : Red Tri, green/amber eyes. Very Pretty girl, with                              beautiful copper trim. She is a doll.  Guessing her to be                    20 to 25lbs.  $500  SOLD thanks to David Baird      
     All of our puppies are very socialized and raised with tons of love and attention.
You are welcome to come out and see our puppies at any age (with an appointment).
We recommend if you are interested in bringing a mini or toy aussie into your family
please come out and visit our dogs to see their size and discuss if they are the right
breed for you and your lifestyle.
   All our puppies come with a full health guarantee, first set of shots, vet record,
information on crate and house breaking, food, treats, collar and leash.

We will gladly email more pics or answer any questions you might have. Our puppies
typically go fast so Deposits of $200 are now being accepted to hold the puppy of your

            For more information please contact Kathy Parsons @ 615-512-5600

           We also offer experienced shipping for the puppies - Approx. $300
                      * remember 2 puppies can ship for the price of one !!

       We are happy to provide numerous references upon request, that you may

                        call or email and discuss how they like their puppy !!
Don't see what you are looking for?   Polly has 4 new puppies -  those pics coming soon. 
NOTE: The puppies expected adult size can be hard to calculate. We do our best to 
guess the puppies weight throughout the first 8wks, and through our knowledge of the parents, grandparents and other litters fromt the breeding cross.
We can only make a guess. we can not guarantee the future size of a puppy.

All our puppies are sold as PETS<NO BREEDING RIGHTS unless we agree to it.
Lexi and Ammo Puppies born June 11th, 2012
MALE: Black tri, awesome copper trim, very dark. Super sweet,                Loves his belly rubbed! Should be small 20lbs or less. 
                         $650  SOLD Thanks to Kay and Kenny
FEMALE : Blue Merle, 1 blue eye. This girl is a blue merle but looks like a                     black tri. She has just a tad of merling on her head and her back                     legs. She does have alot of beautiful copper around her face.                          She is a sweetheart!  She also will be small, should be under 20lbs.
     $800    SOLD Thanks to the Seay family for their 2nd puppy from us!! 
Rosie and Tags Puppies