Rosie and Mac Puppies

                   Born   February 16th, 2014 

               Ready to go home  April 9th, 2014

MALE :  Black Tri, 1 and a half Blue eyes!  Perfect facial markings.  Lots of copper trim.  
       Yes you do see a tail in those pictures!!   $1200   SOLD    Thanks to Niko & Megan!
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      If you are wanting a super smart extra intelligent puppy then Rosie's puppies are for you!  She is my smartest most obedieant Aussie. She already has several past puppies that have excelled in agility, therapy, and earned their AKC Good Canine Citizen Awards!  REDUCED PRICES Due only to the fact she had so many!!

MALE :  Black Tri, 2 full Blue eyes!  Awesome copper trim.  Will look alot like his Dad! 
                        Expecting him to be a large mini - Possibly 30 lbs or so.   $900  SOLD
MALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes. Super cute with his 2 front tall white socks!!
                                       Guessing to be a medium to large mini.    $350  SOLD
MALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes.  Very cut boy. Was a real Ham playing outside!
                                         Should be a medium size mini.   30 lbs.   $350  SOLD
MALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes.  Very nice perfect stripe down his face.  
           A smaller pup, should be a small to medium min.  25 lbs.    $500   SOLD
FEMALE :  Black Tri, 1 Full blue eye, 1 partial blue eye.  Very large stocky girl.
           Nice copper trim.   Should be 35 lbs or so.    $450  SOLD
MALE :  Black Tri, lots of copper.  Stocky boy - a larger puppy in the litter. 
                   Should be a medium to large mini.   35 - 40 lbs.    $350  SOLD
MALE :  Black tri, dark eyes.  Super dark copper trim.  This is a smaller pup in the litter. 
         He is just too cute.    Should be a small to medium mini  20-25 lbs.    $400  SOLD
FEMALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes. Lots of copper trim.  Very stocky thick girl!
         Should be a large mini.     35 lbs or so.    $550    SOLD for Janet !
FEMALE :  Black Tri, dark eyes. Super cute gal, I love her white socks!! 
           Looks like a medium to large mini.  30 lbs or so.   $350  SOLD
FEMALE :  Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes. Lots of copper trim.  The only blue merle out of 11 Puppies!!
             Was on hold to stay here, but I decided to let her go :( $1500   SOLD! Thanks to the Brown family!
           Didn't see what you are looking for?  PLEASE call for more info on what we have available, many puppies sell or get deposits before I even get them posted on the site!