Lilly & Putt Putt Puppies

                   Born   September 9th, 2014 

            Ready to go home  October 31st, 2014

                                                Click the above pics to go to their page.
These puppies will be a small and medium toy size.  Mom is a very stocky 10" and  15 lbs and Dad is 6 lbs.
MALE :   Blue Merle, 2 Blue eyes, Huge white collar, Very LOUD coloring throughout the merling pattern. 
      Will have dark copper trim on his face and legs. Super stocky nice male.  May be a medium toy size 12 -15 lbs.    $1600
                                                                                                                         SOLD   Thanks Mike!

FEMALE :  Blue Merle,  2 blue eyes, Huge white color. TONS of color and WOW Factor. Will have super rich copper                           trim around her face.  She is a super stocky girl, guessing to be a medium toy  12 -15 lbs.  $1200  SOLD  Thanks to the Fritze family!

MALE :   Blue Merle, 2 Blues Eyes.  Will have Very Rich dark copper trim. He is a super cute boy, very short legged and stocky.
           I expect him to be a very square stout small toy 10 lbs or less.    $1600    SOLD  Thanks to the Rooks family!

MALE :  Black Tri, LOTS of copper!!  He will be so striking and beautiful. Very laid back loving little guy!
                           He should be a small stout toy under 15 lbs.   $700
Previous puppies from Lilly 

   If 2 or more of these puppies are sold to families from the TN area, or someone that wishes to meet in TN, or someone on the way from OKC to Nashville 
 I will deliver them for free.