Gimmie & Ace Puppies

                      Born   November 2nd, 2015 

            Ready to go home  December 23rd, 2015

FEMALE : Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes, Beautifully marked girl with rich dark copper and very cool 
     eye liner on one eye.  Very stocky  well made girl.  $1800,  STAYING HERE 
                                                            Click the above pics to go to their page.
                     These puppies should be a small to medium size  20 - 35 lbs depending on the puppy.
                                            These puppies are clear for PRCD, HC, CD and MDR 1 
Gimmie is a daughter of Rosie, probably my smartest most wanting to please Aussie ever.  Rosie has produced many                           puppies that have became therapy dogs, AKC Canine Good Citizen Awards and fantastically smart pets. 
                                I expect great temperaments, conformation, loyalty and  wonderful hair coats out of this litter!!

FEMALE : Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes, this is a super pretty girl. If you are wanting a very loving, laid back, wants to be with           you dog - here she is! This girl has to be one of the sweetest puppies I have ever had.  She is an outgoing but yet very           calm, fantastically adorable girl.   Should mature around 30lbs      $1600   SOLD
FEMALE : Black tri, dark eyes, very dark rich copper trim. She is the largest and stockiest pup in the litter.  
     Super smart and the most loyal, she hardly leaves my side. I really like this gal and should be keeping her!!                                                                                   Estimated adult size 35 lbs.   $800  SOLD 
FEMALE : Black tri, dark eyes, nice brownish copper on her legs and face. Super temperament on this little girl,                 she is sweet as can be! Smallest in the litter, should mature around 12 - 20 lbs.  $800  SOLD Natalie !
MALE : Red Tri, 1 blue eye, Super dark mahogany red color, nice bright copper trim.
                        "CASH" is SOLD - THANKS Kim, For adding another one of our puppies to your family !
MALE : Black tri, dark eyes, almost a full collar, very dark copper trim. Super nice stocky boy. $800 
            " DASH " is SOLD - THANKS to the Hurley family for also adding another one of our puppies to their home!
MALE : Black tri, dark eyes, perfect marked face, dark copper trim.  
   This boy has the sweetest personality, he seemed to love having his picture taken. 
Guessing him to be around 30 lbs grown.    $800   SOLD Thanks  to the Parker family !